Calling and Purpose

Serving from my heart …

In 1978, the Lord made me aware of his plan for my life when he emphasized specific instructions for me from his Word. At home, preparing for additional study, I entered into the Word, and there before me in large bold letters, super-imposed on a page of Scripture, were these words:

God said, “… rise, and stand upon your feet: for I have appeared unto you for this purpose, to make you a minister and a witness both of these things which you have seen, and of those things in the which I will appear unto you.” Acts 26.16 KJV

This command on my life is a living passage from the Word of God. It is the motivation for Faith Harvest Ministries, where God has called me to proclaim and teach the ministry of outreach.

It’s good to remember we have been “saved by faith.” From this position in our life with Christ, we are to “look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” This is an understanding where we all can know Salvation is truly a “Faith Harvest.”

With this call on my life, God has placed me in his ministry as an evangelist, to share the message of salvation with the lost and encourage others in the family of faith to do the same.

Faith Harvest Ministries’ purpose is to encourage believers in accepting their position in God’s forever family, by proclaiming and teaching the ministry of outreach.

Our ministry emphasizes understandings in the following areas:

  • Supporting Principles
    • Evangelism and the Local Church
      The local church has a serious responsibility to get the Word out to the lost.
    • Prayer, the strength of witness
      Evangelism travels on its knees or it doesn’t travel at all.
    • The Word is a witness
      It is a powerful tool. It is the foundation of our faith and where we get instruction and encouragement.
    • Fear and Guilt:
      Satan will use anything and everything he can to confuse us and make witnessing as uncomfortable an experience as possible
  • Showing yourself approved
            As witnesses for Christ we should do the work and be able to show ourselves approved
  • Making Christ the topic
            Normally you need to steer a conversation toward spiritual things in order to make Christ the topic
  • Wrap it up. Give it away
            Having a personal testimony of God’s work in our life is a good way to package the message so we can give it away,