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WRAP IT UP ~ GIVE IT AWAY” is presented as a multi-session, discussion-based seminar on outreach, witnessing and evangelism. The presentation is flexible and usually involves a Saturday morning and afternoon, with a closing message on Sunday to close-off the seminar. It is presented by Wylie Comp at churches and other institutions on an invitation basis.

Answering the question: "as Christians what should we do," the seminar focuses on pertinent issues associated with the responsibility of sharing the truth of our faith with others, at home, in the workplace, in the marketplace, or wherever the Holy Spirit directs.

The question is: How do I share Christ as the answer? Outreach is a responsibility that has been assigned by God to local bodies of believers, and through them to individuals and ministries involved in sharing Christ with the lost.

Faith Harvest Ministries, based in Springfield, MO, is available to assist individual ministries by encouraging those in specific congregations to witness for our Lord and Savior.