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Ministry History of Wylie Comp

Saved by Grace / Born again: October 22, 1971
Baptized: Maranatha Baptist Church, Dallas, TX, August 12, 1972
Called by God to be an evangelist: November 16, 1978

Active ministries at:

Maranatha Baptist Church, Dallas, TX, 1971 ~ 1976
     Philip Williams, Th.D. ~ Pastor
Garland Bible Fellowship, Garland, TX, 1976 ~ 1980
     Myles Lorenzen, Th.M. ~ Pastor
Grace Covenant Church, Austin, TX, 1980 ~1986
     Richard Flaten, Th.M. ~ Pastor
Oak Hill Bible Church, Oak Hill, TX, 1986~ 1988
     Tommy Ice, Th.M. ~ Pastor
Faith Bible Church, DeSoto, TX, 1988 ~ 1990
     Fred Campbell, Th.M. ~ Pastor
Springfield Bible Church, Springfield, MO, 1990 ~1993
     Robert Kendall, Th.D. ~ Pastor
Cherry Street Baptist Church, Springfield, MO, 1993 ~ 1997
     Kenneth Gilming, Sr., Th.D. ~ Senior Pastor
Independent Ministry, Springfield, MO, 1998 ~ 2007  
     Itinerate Evangelist
Gateway Fellowship, Springfield, MO, 2008 ~ 2011
     Jan Chris Pennekamp, M.Div. ~ Elder/Leader
Hope Church, Springfield, MO, 2011 ~ Present
     Gary Hay ~ Senior Pastor

Rev. Comp holds to the Christian beliefs as stated in the Apostles’ Creed

Rev. Comp believes the Holy Bible, in its original form, to be the inerrant Word of God as written by men of God under inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Evangelist Wylie Comp Ministering in the Kent District of the United Kingdom?

The world is part of the “uttermost part.” And, we are told to go. But why the Kent District of the United Kingdom? What’s going on there that garners the attention of an evangelist in the United States?

During family visits to Kent in 2009 and 2010, God touched me with an understanding that darkness and confusion, along with anti-Christian sentiments, are becoming the norm in this area of the world. Local and national governments enforce stringent restrictions on public ministry. So, what does the Kent District have to do with all this ? The Kent District, with the Port of Dover, is the major point of entry for thousands who are fleeing war-torn and desperate situations in Africa, Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Middle and Far East.

Regardless of their point of origin, a major portion of the refugees get to France and its port city of Calais, just a short ferry-boat ride across the English Channel from Dover. Once in the UK, most move through the Kent District and migrate into other, more metropolitan areas and cities in the UK. However, large numbers of these immigrants are assimilated in the Kent District. They find assistance and subsistence in cities like Dover, Canterbury, Folkestone, Deal, Tonbridge, Herne Bay, Whitfield and Hawkinge.

Local churches, as well as multiple non faith-based organizations, reach-out to these displaced individuals and families. As they are absorbed into a local community they espouse their personal beliefs to those around them. And, even though they are being ministered to by the churches which are reaching out to them, they congregate in close-knit family groups. More likely than not, due to their cultural driven attitudes.

Many of these displaced individuals verbalize their commitment to being Christians. And as wonderful as this is, many of these blessed brothers and sisters in faith are confused. They are like the believers in Galatia that the Apostle Paul admonished because they had turned to a different gospel. One reason for this is the culture in which they were raised. Divination, witchcraft, even voo-doo are part of their cultural background. Their worship is enthusiastic and intense, but their methods are infused with confusion. All of this begs the question: Where are the Christians ?

They are there but they are timid. And, since God has not given us a spirit of timidity, we need to encourage the family of faith in the Kent District and beyond, to let the truth of Christ become evident to those around us. And not just to those who are immigrants, but to our neighbors and friends as well. In June 2010, the Holy Spirit asked me what I intended doing about this. I accepted the challenge and told him I would come back in a ministerial capacity and address the issue, which continues to develop.

Local churches know the responsibility associated with their position in their respective communities. They also know and welcome the idea of encouragement being part of their outreach. But who ? Evangelist Wylie Comp, with the process of proclaiming and teaching the ministry of outreach, will be involved in the encouragement of believers in this area and be a positive witness for the gospel in response to God’s call. Several pastors in the Kent area have invited Rev. Comp to come and be involved in outreach activities.

To God be the glory !