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the Ministry of Outreach

Author: God Saved Me

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We live in tumultuous times. Truly, this begs the question: Who’s in Charge? and, as Christians what should we do?

Without God, mankind has searched for truth through logical reasoning, but has bought into philosophies that are foolish in God’s sight. Hell is a real place, reserved by God for the lost, and no one in their right mind wants to go there.

So, what is the answer? Jesus is the Answer. All Christ centered believers should feel some responsibility toward getting the truth out to those desperately in need of knowing God’s plan for their lives.

Just being saved is not as fulfilling as knowing you are saved. Especially when you understand for what you have been saved. And, letting others in on the process is something every believer should be involved.

Rev. Comp is available to serve your ministry. He is committed to reaching out and helping Christians fulfill the Great Commission.

Rev. Comp
provides encouraging messages concerning evangelism and the local church.

We all know outreach is a serious responsibility that has been assigned by God to local bodies of believers, and through them to individuals and ministries involved in sharing Christ with unbelievers. This responsibility cannot be shirked by leadership or specific entities which have been called to be involved with the concept of outreach to those in need of the truth.

We live in a time where confusion and depravity are more prevalent than ever before. All Christ centered believers alive today should feel some responsibility toward getting the truth out to those desperately in need of knowing God’s plan for those born as a product of his creation.

From Christ’s own words, as shared in the Gospel of Matthew, we know - We are commanded to go. We are to share Christ with whomever and make disciples, i.e., grow. In response to, or as part of this responsibility, the Body of Christ, the Church, should take God at his word: (cf. Matthew 28.19-20) So, what’s the solution? Getting the word out results in getting new believers in.

Message topics such as:

  • Evangelism and Church Growth
  • Ordered Steps
  • Time to take a stand!
  • Eternal Security
  • We know whose we are
  • Who are you following?